The Jones & Hedges Process

Initial Consultation

Discussion of your project goals, ideas, and time-frame.  Evaluation of the feasibility of your budget for the project you desire.  We believe, from the beginning, that your goals are our goals. Our job is to listen and work together to help you accomplish them however we can.

Project Design

When you decide to Design/Build with the JH team, we will work with an architect or designer to design the project together.  Many customers choose to work with an interior designer during this phase to ensure the architectural elements and desgin features of their home are coherant with their vision for furnishings and decor.

Project Estimate

After we fully understand your vision, a thorough description of the project scope, with detailed pricing and allowances is established. We work closely with our subcontractors during this phase to provide customers with real numbers from the beginning. This way, both parties feel as confident as possible with the construction budget.

Construction Agreement

After the project estimate is finalized, a construction agreement is reviewed in detail and signed by both parties.

Finalization of Plans

Prior to the start of construction, plans are finalized. This includes discussion of any changes made from the original scope of work, as well as the development of engineering plans.

Design and Material Selections

You will meet with suppliers to select finishes for your home.  You may work with a designer, on your own, or with our guidance.  We will communicate regularly regarding design selections and provide you with deadlines that will help keep the project on schedule- some selections will need to be made prior to start of construction and some will be made along the way.

Pre-Construction Meeting

Prior to the first day of construction, we will meet to review details of your project.  We will again review plans, selections, communication expectiations, and projected time frame.  We will discuss any questions you have at this time.  You will also meet any member of the team you have not yet met. An exciting day for everyone!

Pre-Drywall Meeting

Prior to drywall being hung, you will meet your project manager onsite for a walk through of the project.  This meeting serves only to confirm selections that need to be in place and review electrical locations. This is also an opportunity for you to take note of any utilities running through walls that you will need to be aware of after moving into your home.

Completion Meeting

When your home is complete, we will have a final walk-through.  This meeting serves to introduce you to your home, and discuss our process of taking care of your home moving forward. It is viewed as simply a review of everything that has been completed – it is not a punch list walk, as our goal is for these things to be reasonably completed prior to this meeting.